509 - Tactical Offroad Helmet

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The 509 Tactical Offroad Helmet is born from a desire to offer industry-leading protection. The absolute best value out there, its precise fit, lightweight and durable polycarbonate outer shell, and innovative liner construction make it one of the most comfortable helmets you’ll ever wear. Just like 509's highest-end helmets, it pairs seamlessly with 509 goggles to offer that missing piece to your pro-level puzzle.


  • Meets or exceeds DOT & ECE 2205 safety certification standards
  • Features an innovative dual density, interlocking EPS foam liner
  • Durable polycarbonate outer shell
  • Integrated front/top intake vents & rear exhaust vents
  • Custom interior EPS head foam with premium removable liner creates an extremely comfortable fit
  • Eye-port of the Tactical helmet was designed for a perfect fit with your 509 brand goggles
  • Available in 6 sizes from XS up to 2XL
Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Matte Ops / XS F01003600-110-052 F01003600-110-052 Available
  Matte Ops / SM F01003600-120-052 F01003600-120-052 Available
  Matte Ops / MD F01003600-130-052 F01003600-130-052 Available
  Matte Ops / LG F01003600-140-052 F01003600-140-052 Available
  Matte Ops / XL F01003600-150-052 F01003600-150-052 Available
  Matte Ops / 2XL F01003600-160-052 F01003600-160-052 Available
  Cyan Hextant / XS F01003600-110-201 F01003600-110-201 Available
  Cyan Navy Hextant / SM F01003600-120-201 F01003600-120-201 Available
  Cyan Navy Hextant / MD F01003600-130-201 F01003600-130-201 Available
  Cyan Navy Hextant / LG F01003600-140-201 F01003600-140-201 Available
  Cyan Navy Hextant / XL F01003600-150-201 F01003600-150-201 Available
  Cyan Navy Hextant / 2XL F01003600-160-201 F01003600-160-201 Available
  Orange Hextant / XS F01003600-110-401 F01003600-110-401 Available
  Orange Navy Hextant / SM F01003600-120-401 F01003600-120-401 Available
  Orange Navy Hextant / MD F01003600-130-401 F01003600-130-401 Available
  Orange Navy Hextant / LG F01003600-140-401 F01003600-140-401 Available
  Orange Navy Hextant / XL F01003600-150-401 F01003600-150-401 Available
  Orange Navy Hextant / 2XL F01003600-160-401 F01003600-160-401 Available
  Sharkskin / XS F01003600-110-203 F01003600-110-203 Available
  Sharkskin / SM F01003600-120-203 F01003600-120-203 Available
  Sharkskin / MD F01003600-130-203 F01003600-130-203 Available
  Sharkskin / LG F01003600-140-203 F01003600-140-203 Available
  Sharkskin / XL F01003600-150-203 F01003600-150-203 Available
  Sharkskin / 2X F01003600-160-203 F01003600-160-203 Available
  Red Mist / XS F01003600-110-101 F01003600-110-101 Available
  Red Mist / SM F01003600-120-101 F01003600-120-101 Available
  Red Mist / MD F01003600-130-101 F01003600-130-101 Available
  Red Mist / LG F01003600-140-101 F01003600-140-101 Available
  Red Mist / XL F01003600-150-101 F01003600-150-101 Available
  Red Mist / 2X F01003600-160-101 F01003600-160-101 Available
  Black Fire Hextant / XS F01003600-110-002 F01003600-110-002 Available
  Black Fire Hextant / SM F01003600-120-002 F01003600-120-002 Available
  Black Fire Hextant / MD F01003600-130-002 F01003600-130-002 Available
  Black Fire Hextant / LG F01003600-140-002 F01003600-140-002 Available
  Black Fire Hextant / XL F01003600-150-002 F01003600-150-002 Available
  Black Fire Hextant / 2X F01003600-160-002 F01003600-160-002 Available

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