509 - Delta R3 Ignite Heated Helmet (12v)

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Giving you the ability to switch between three configurations—dual sport, full face, and open face—the 509 Delta R3L Ignite Snowmobile Helmet is the ultimate in multi-use protection. Featuring a fog-blocking heated ITO dual-pane electric shield with weatherproof Shield Lock, plus internal flip-down sun visor, and removable features like a breathbox, chin curtain, liner, and cheek pads, this helmet has it all. DOT/ECE dual safety certified with dual density EPS for maximum impact resistance.

Featuring three configuration options: Dual sport, full face, open face. The R3 2.0 has you covered for all types of snowmobiling and all weather conditions. Featuring a fog blocking heated ITO dual pane electric shield, internal flip-down sun visor, removable breath box & chin curtain this helmet has it all.

The R3 2.0 is a DOT/ECE dual safety certified helmet featuring a dual-density EPS for maximum impact resistance. The internal liner and cheek pads are removable and washable. Available in sizes XS-2XL.


  • Three configuration options: dual-sport, full face, or open face
  • Dual-pane anti-scratch, anti-fog coated electric clear shield
  • Drop-down internal sun shield (orange tint)
  • Lightweight polycarbonate shell construction
  • Included cold weather removable breath box
  • Removable cold weather chin curtain
  • Adjustable forehead and chin ventilation ports
  • Push-button removable shield
  • Removable/washable liner and cheek pads
  • Available in sizes XS-2XL
  • Dual density EPS
  • Fidlock magnetic chin strap buckle
  • ECE weight from 1660 grams
  • Cord connection to connect to vehicle 12v power supply

Option name MFR. Part Number SKU Stock
  Matte Ops / XS F01003301-110-003 F01003301-110-003 In stock
  Matte Ops / SM F01003301-120-003 F01003301-120-003 Available
  Matte Ops / MD F01003301-130-003 F01003301-130-003 In stock
  Matte Ops / LG F01003301-140-003 F01003301-140-003 In stock
  Matte Ops / XL F01003301-150-003 F01003301-150-003 In stock
  Matte Ops / 2XL F01003301-160-003 F01003301-160-003 Available
  Lime Green Gray / XS F01003301-110-350 F01003301-110-350 Available
  Lime Green Gray / SM F01003301-120-350 F01003301-120-350 Available
  Lime Green Gray / MD F01003301-130-350 F01003301-130-350 Available
  Lime Green Gray / LG F01003301-140-350 F01003301-140-350 Available
  Lime Green Gray / XL F01003301-150-350 F01003301-150-350 Available
  Lime Green Gray / 2XL F01003301-160-350 F01003301-160-350 Available
  Orange Gray / XS F01003301-110-402 F01003301-110-402 Available
  Orange Gray / SM F01003301-120-402 F01003301-120-402 Available
  Orange Gray / MD F01003301-130-402 F01003301-130-402 Available
  Orange Gray / LG F01003301-140-402 F01003301-140-402 Available
  Orange Gray / XL F01003301-150-402 F01003301-150-402 Available
  Orange Gray / 2XL F01003301-160-402 F01003301-160-402 Available
  Storm Chaser / XS F01003301-110-603 F01003301-110-603 In stock
  Storm Chaser / SM F01003301-120-603 F01003301-120-603 In stock
  Storm Chaser / MD F01003301-130-603 F01003301-130-603 In stock
  Storm Chaser / LG F01003301-140-603 F01003301-140-603 In stock
  Storm Chaser / XL F01003301-150-603 F01003301-150-603 In stock
  Storm Chaser / 2XL F01003301-160-603 F01003301-160-603 In stock
  Teal Maroon Galaxy / XS F01003301-110-204 F01003301-110-204 Available
  Teal Maroon Galaxy / SM F01003301-120-204 F01003301-120-204 Available
  Teal Maroon Galaxy / MD F01003301-130-204 F01003301-130-204 Available
  Teal Maroon Galaxy / LG F01003301-140-204 F01003301-140-204 Available
  Teal Maroon Galaxy / XL F01003301-150-204 F01003301-150-204 Available
  Teal Maroon Galaxy / 2XL F01003301-160-204 F01003301-160-204 Available
  Racing Red / XS F01003301-110-103 F01003301-110-103 In stock
  Racing Red / SM F01003301-120-103 F01003301-120-103 Available
  Racing Red / MD F01003301-130-103 F01003301-130-103 Available
  Racing Red / LG F01003301-140-103 F01003301-140-103 Available
  Racing Red / XL F01003301-150-103 F01003301-150-103 Available
  Racing Red / 2XL F01003301-160-103 F01003301-160-103 Available
  Black Ops / XS F01003301-110-005 F01003301-110-005 In stock
  Black Ops / SM F01003301-120-005 F01003301-120-005 In stock
  Black Ops / MD F01003301-130-005 F01003301-130-005 Available
  Black Ops / LG F01003301-140-005 F01003301-140-005 Available
  Black Ops / XL F01003301-150-005 F01003301-150-005 In stock
  Black Ops / 2XL F01003301-160-005 F01003301-160-005 Available
  Black Camo / XS F01003301-110-020 F01003301-110-020 Available
  Black Camo / SM F01003301-120-020 F01003301-120-020 Available
  Black Camo / MD F01003301-130-020 F01003301-130-020 Available
  Black Camo / LG F01003301-140-020 F01003301-140-020 Available
  Black Camo / XL F01003301-150-020 F01003301-150-020 Available
  Black Camo / 2XL F01003301-160-020 F01003301-160-020 Available

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